Listen to Craig Barrass, our Retail Practice Leader at Spectralink, as he explains how today’s leading retailers are deploying wireless communication solutions to achieve the following:

  • More visibility into their inventory and operations
  • New customer experiences that drive sales
  • Streamlined communications among store employees to deliver better customer service, faster

In many professional environments, deskbound workers can typically leverage email, instant messaging and personal video apps such as Skype to communicate and collaborate with clients and colleagues. But what about in hospitals where mobile workers such as nurses and other caregivers don’t spend much time at a desk, but still need to stay connected to their patients and team members?

Join Spectralink’s Ben Guderian, Senior Director of Product Management, as he shares how healthcare organizations can reap the benefits of clinical smartphones including improved patient outcomes, nurse efficiency and care coordination. Considering a mobile device strategy for your healthcare environment? Spend 20 minutes with Ben for his expert insights.