At Spectralink, We Deliver Certainty

Spectralink aims to provide you with the best possible enterprise mobility experience that includes not just our PIVOT, Wi-Fi and DECT solutions but the wide range of industry-specific mobile applications that integrate with them. A large component of our customers' satisfaction is the comprehensive Professional Services that wrap around our offerings to create a complete, end-to-end mobility solution. Our experts work closely with your organization every step of the way to strategize the optimum mobility solution for you.  

Professional Services, From Day One

With our Professional Services, you are taken care of from the beginning—now and for the life of your solution. Before we even step foot in your facility, our process springs into action with a thorough requirements analysis, solution design and strategy to map our solutions to your workflows.

Once we've worked with you to design the best solution, we ensure expert implementation, remaining by your side as your communications systems develop and grow, and providing you with comprehensive training. Then once you're settled in, we remain closely involved with you for ongoing technical support, software assurance and more.

We've heard from our customers who've experienced other mobility vendors that practice the "drop and go" method of "service," expecting the customer to do all the heavy lifting and figure out the deployment process themselves. Not with Spectralink. Again and again, we hear how our people make the difference - and that the services and support we offer our customers is unparalleled in the industry. We take great pride in our Professional Services team that helps you reduce risk and complexity, lower costs and accelerate time to value for your new Spectralink investment.