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Leading Voice Quality

We have a market-leading reputation for secure best-in-class voice communication

The Spectralink Voice Experience

Voice brings the “people” element back into the equation. Voice is the first way we learn to communicate; it’s how we convey tone and empathy in a way you just can’t do through data and texting that are prioritized on other rugged hand-held computers. Through our leading voice capabilities, Spectralink’s Wi-Fi solutions enable the emotional connection between people — both among teammates and your patients or customers — which can lead to improved loyalty from your employees and to your brand.  But what makes our best-in-class voice better than the competition?

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How do we do it

Spectralink excels over both consumer smartphones and competitive enterprise devices when it comes to leading voice capabilities. Innovation and Quality, two Spectralink core values, are epitomized in the work our Engineers have done to ensure our best-in-class voice quality. They have enhanced our chipsets and microphones and have optimized our roaming and scanning capabilities to ensure the most reliable call quality on the market. 

Engineering-optimized chipsets. Unstable chipsets lead to seconds of lost audio, a delayed ring, or a missed ring altogether, which negatively impacts voice critical environments like patient care or customer service where every second counts.

Enhanced roaming and scanning between access points.

  • Most other devices use a radio connected to certain frequencies to determine access points. Instead, your Spectralink device is constantly communicating with Access Points (AP) on the Wi-Fi network to understand if they have a good connection and if not, roaming to a better AP as quickly as possible.
  • And, unlike most competitive devices that need to briefly interrupt calls to look for other APs, scanning and roaming happens on a dedicated antenna built into our Versity devices to have the least impact possible on call quality.
  • Spectralink Wi-Fi devices focus on QoS (Quality of Service) and can identify when you’re on a call to ensure that voice is always prioritized over data.

Multiple Microphones with optimized design and placement for noise suppression and echo cancelation on every call. Mobile workers in fast-paced environments do not need to worry about sweat or makeup clogging a microphone and can ensure clear communication on every call, even in noisy environments.

Better than the Competition

Most device vendors who do not specialize in Voice over Wi-Fi, such as consumer smartphones or rugged hand-held computer vendors, do not optimize to the same degree as Spectralink does. Not being able to achieve seamless roaming results in gaps in audio traffic, choppy audio, and dropped calls, leading to poorer experiences among users and with customers or patients.

Spectralink’s network infrastructure partners are an elite network of leading-edge Wi-Fi AP vendors who share our commitment to deliver exceptional enterprise WLAN deployments. Our network infrastructure partners undergo rigorous product testing that ensures their Wi-Fi products meet enterprise-grade performance criteria for voice quality, security, capacity, and roaming. Together, we deliver excellent voice quality, seamless AP handoff, efficient bandwidth management, and robust network security that competitors’ non-optimized devices cannot typically achieve.

Voice Quality Optimization™ (VQO). VQO is a proprietary process that tightly links Spectralink’s hardware and software with your in-building Wi-Fi infrastructure through proprietary adaptive algorithms. VQO ensures that the hand-off – switching from one AP to another – is always seamless, even mid-call.

Voice Experience Tracking Technology (VETT) and Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises (AMIE™). Spectralink is the ONLY wireless device vendor that can provide true call experience analytics throughout a call with our AMIE platform. Our unique Voice Experience Tracking Technology (VETT) measures the voice quality of each call in near real-time assessing if call quality degradation occurs and correlating those call quality issues to either the device or network by showing where in the network and what network factors led to the degradation.

With VETT you can deep dive into a single call or view call performance trends across devices and access points for call quality, dropped calls, access point roaming, signal strengths, packet loss, and more. Using AMIE along with VETT, we can help turn your mobile devices into Wi-Fi network probes that provide a continuous view into the Wi-Fi call and provide the data to quickly assess if issues are device or networks network-related.

Biz Phone Application. The Biz Phone app is Spectralink’s SIP telephony application for Versity devices, and, unlike with competitive devices that charge additionally for telephony, BizPhone is included free with your Spectralink Versity Smartphone device.

  • Uses Wi-Fi telephony through the wireless LAN
  • Call Management: Multiple active calls, transfer, forward, conference calls, do not disturb, voicemail, and more
  • Multiple audio options: receiver, Bluetooth, speakerphone, headset
  • Displays call history, contacts, LDAP integration
  • Emergency call management

Third-Party Voice/Unified Communications (UC) Apps. The growth in UC by enterprises adds a layer of complexity to VoWLAN quality for mobile devices. To leverage UC capabilities, smartphones must run a UC call platform mobile app such as TEAMs, Cisco Call Manager, Avaya One-X Mobile, or Broadsoft UC-One. These UC apps give smartphone users an integrated collaboration experience with presence, IM, voice, and video capabilities. Spectralink has partnerships and integration with all the leading UC providers.



In short, when we say we have the best call quality in the business, we mean it. Talk to your Spectralink representative today to learn how you can empower your mobile workforces with leading voice quality and bring the people element back to your brand.

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