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As the IT Manager of a large enterprise with several IP-DECT servers, hundreds of IP-DECT base stations, and thousands of users and handsets, any downtime or problem can be critical to the running of the business and can cost money and productivity. For large enterprises with several IP-DECT servers, hundreds of IP-DECT base stations, and maybe even thousands of users, management can easily become overwhelming with many sessions open at the same time. This increases the risk of making a mistake, potentially with a catastrophic and costly outcome. How does one IT manager handle all the sessions at the same time? AMIE for IP-DECT is here to help.  


What is AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT?  

AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT is a cloud-based service to manage large enterprise DECT systems, providing a simple, user-friendly interface for centralized administration and control of servers, base stations, and handsets, invaluable for decentralized, large enterprises. The dashboard provides a full operational view of Spectralink DECT System’s performance by location, including status of servers, base stations, and handsets, so IT and Telecommunications Administrators can solve problems before issues occur with better access to IP-DECT network performance information. Administrators can automate and schedule tasks, like firmware updates, across multiple locations with just a few click from one screen and receive proactive alerts when the infrastructure needs attention. AMIE for IP-DECT supports mission-critical mobility for optimal team performance and workflow efficiencies and provides visibility into the most common concerns in mobility management of DECT infrastructure and handsets so issues can be quickly identified and resolved. 

Benefits of AMIE for IP-DECT  

  •  Orchestrate control of your DECT system infrastructure from one location with centralized configuration and management 
  • Increase productivity by avoiding disruption and downtime. Always know the status of your servers and base stations, including call volume and distribution  
  • Safeguard call quality by monitoring user experience on the network and call volume data to ensure that the network is supporting the necessary load for optimal communications. 
  • Receive proactive alerts when there is a problem with the resource load on a given server  
  • Provide always-on communications and quick and competent support to resolve any issues 
  • Save time and money by automating and scheduling backups of all your IP-DECT Servers and base stations, updating handset software, and rolling out new firmware for base stations and servers centrally from one location  

How mobile device management helps manage your DECT solution

AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT Solves IT Administrators’ Biggest Concerns



Simplify management for multi-location or remote customers  
  • Centralized Provisioning & Management for Large Enterprises. AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT simplifies deployment for large DECT systems with a centralized remote management interface to simultaneously configure multiple IP-DECT Servers, base stations, or handsets. Smart Configuration provides the Spectralink-recommended configuration for a variety of call platforms and automatically applies the settings, increasing the efficiency of system provisioning. The easy-to-use dashboard reduces the complexity of ongoing system management for centralized or decentralized organizations.  
  •  Enterprises can reduce management costs for multi-location or remote customers with AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT. Adjustments, updates, and backups can be created remotely and more efficiently, providing multi-server actions with a single click for fast and easy decentralized management. See the status and performance of all IP-DECT servers and devices from one main dashboard and easily identify IP-DECT servers that need attention. Site view provides a floor plan outline for the placement of each base station throughout entire organizations and multi-site business, helpful for troubleshooting network issues in large retail stores, hospitals, factories, and warehouses with multiple floors or decentralized locations.  
  • Managing Handsets for large groups of mobile workers. AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT enables enterprises to efficiently monitor and control handset users across the organization from a single screen. Enable/ disable handsets, register/unregister or add/delete users, and easily set up a replacement handset with copy configuration. Copy configuration syncs thsettings of the returned handset to the new handset so the new device can be put into circulation in minutes, reducing the downtime an out-of-service device can cause.   
Maintain reliable call performance and avoid disruption with visibility into system performance   
  • Performance Analytics. Analyze the performance of base stations, media resources, devices, calls, and network to optimize system performance. AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT provides analytics for voice call traffic (call volume), handover, traffic load, and dropped calls across the enterprise, providing IT with data to competently and efficiently troubleshoot system or call quality issues. For a more in-depth analysis of call performance, Site View provides a detailed look at call quality for individual base stations. Performance analytics also provide insight to effectively balance cost and performance by monitoring network traffic and media resources to determine when additional capacity is required.  
  • System Health. View the status and performance of all registered servers and base stations at a glance from the AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT dashboard for multi-tenancy management. Drill down into specific locations to see more detailed information on status and performance to analyze the operational efficiency of various locations or multiple customers.


Increase operational efficiency with automated tasks and bulk changes 
  • Automate and schedule backups. Server backups and firmware updates take up valuable time and resources. AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT allows IT and Telecommunications Administrators to automate backups and schedule them to occur periodically or on a regular basis across all IP-DECT servers and base stations preventing the need to individually back up servers. Roll out the firmware for multiple servers, base stations, and handsets with just a few clicks, and AMIE will sync updates across the enterprise. Software compliance can be verified across the network in one step, instead of checking devices individually and manually from the servers list tab in the dashboard.  
  • Make bulk changes. The AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT bulk configuration feature allows IT and Telecommunication Administrators to quickly provision and change IP-DECT Server configurations, SIP integration configurations, directory settings, feature licenses, and certificates across the enterprise from one screen with a single click. Bulk configuration can also apply changes to base stations and handsets settings to save time. Without AMIE, changes would have to be applied manually to each server, base station, and handset across all locations.  

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Proactively solve problems before they impact the business and day-to-day user experience  
  • Proactive Alerts. AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT provides peace of mind by proactively monitoring IP-DECT servers, base stations, and handsets 24/7. Receive automated alerts when there is an issue with connectivity, capacity, or resource utilization. Problems can be quickly identified and easily investigated with alerts that link directly where the investigation should begin. AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT also generates a monthly automated report so administrators can get an overview of monthly performance of the entire system without logging into the dashboard.  


AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT Datasheet

AMIE for IP-DECT Cloud Secuirty

DECT Servers

AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT is available for IP-DECT Server 400, IP-DECT Server 6500 & IP-DECT Server One

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