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AMIE™ Advanced
for Wi-Fi

A cloud-based solution management platform for IT and Telecommunication Administrators to monitor device and battery health, troubleshoot call performance to analyze device versus network performance, locate missing devices, balance device utilization and receive proactive alerts from one centralized dashboard.

Your employees need reliable communication devices and networks that are always up and running, without dropped calls, poor voice quality, or other issues interfering with the ability to do their job. You’ve put the right Spectralink devices in their hands, but how do you manage them all in the most efficient way to avoid downtime and interruption, proactively troubleshoot any issues with your fleet and get the most out of your solution and investment?  

AMIE™ (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises) Advanced for Wi-Fi from Spectralink, supports mission-critical mobility for optimal team performance, workflow efficiencies, and provides visibility into the most common concerns in mobility management of shared and non-shared devices that other tools don’t provide so issues can be quickly identified and resolved. 

What is AMIE Advanced? 

AMIE Advanced is Spectralink’s premier cloud-based device management and mobile analytics dashboard for IT and Telecommunication Administrators. This revolutionary dashboard provides complete visibility into device and network performance across your entire enterprise so data can be turned into actionable insights. In addition, AMIE Advanced provides tools to help you get the most value out of your Spectralink Versity Series and 84 Series Wi-Fi devices.  

AMIE Advanced is a license upgrade from AMIE Essentials and includes call performance analytics, device utilization metrics, and proactive alerts in addition to AMIE Essentials features like battery management, Spectralink Application Management, and a web-based user interface for software updates and logging.  

Designed specifically for managing shared devices, AMIE Advanced helps avoid common issues among fleets where Enterprise Mobility Management (EMMs) lacks functionality, like actively helping remove bad batteries from circulation by automatically notifying users that a battery is at the end of life as soon as the battery is inserted. AMIE Advanced also provides detailed Wi-Fi analytics, compared to generic device data collected by EMMs, that gives a look into real end-user call experiences. Additionally, through the centralized and easy-to-use tools in the cloud-based dashboard, IT and Telecommunication Administrators can resolve issues quickly for consistent communication across the enterprise.


  • Save time and money with the ability to provide better support and an overall picture of how devices are performing on the network; not just troubleshooting 
  • Increase operational efficiency 
  • Mitigate risks in service disruption 
  • Decrease problem resolution time 
  • Avoid unnecessary disruption in communications 

AMIE Advanced Answers IT Administrators’ Biggest Concerns:


How mobile device management helps manage your Wi-Fi devicesAchieve reliable device and call performance, minimizing downtime 
  • Call performance monitoring: Visibility into the true call experience. Spectralink devices are equipped with best-in-class voice, and AMIE Advanced adds even more value with voice experience tracking technology (VETT). VETT measures the voice quality and network quality of each call in real-time, assessing if call quality degradation occurs and correlating issues to either the device or network by showing wherein the network and what network factors led to the degradation. With VETT, you can deep dive into a single call or view call performance trends across devices and access points for call quality, dropped calls, access point roaming, signal strengths, packet loss, and more. AMIE Advanced and VETT turn your mobile devices into Wi-Fi network probes that provide a continuous view into the Wi-Fi call and provide the data to quickly assess if issues are device or networks network related. Calls can be analyzed with the call performance metrics and MOS showing call quality for each call on each device.  
  • MOS Call Quality Score. AMIE Advanced monitors and scores each call by MOS (Mean Opinion Score), a standard for measuring call quality, illustrated through a graph in the call performance dashboard. MOS ranges between 0 and 5, a call score of 4 or higher is considered good quality, 3.6- 4 is fair, and 3.6 and below are various degrees of poor quality, indicating a prolonged disturbance of voice quality. MOS typically represents as average call quality over the duration of a call. While many tools simply measure call quality, Spectralink’s AMIE Advanced goes one step further and provides insight into the exact details of an in-call user experience. 
Decrease support time spent assessing device versus network issues with metrics filtered by device, AP, and network. 
  • If a user informs IT of repeated dropped calls or poor voice experience in a specific area, the device is often blamed. Without AMIE Advanced, administrators rely on Wi-Fi tools that use an estimation of network performance from neighboring access points. Neighboring access points, normally positioned on the ceiling, are a poor way to test network performance because these access points do not provide an accurate representation of the users’ experience at floor level. AMIE Advanced presents side-by-side metrics for access points and devices aggregated over a selected time period, providing the easiest and most accurate way to identify device versus network issues. Detailed metrics include call quality (MOS), dropped calls, roaming time (available for Versity devices), low signal strength, and packet loss from the end-user device while in a call. Alternatively, view any performance metric from the floorplan to quickly identify network problems. 
A proactive way to solve problems before they impact the business and affect day-to-day user experience  
  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerting. Receive automated alerts for poor call quality, over-utilization of devices, device and battery health, or missing devices so problems can be quickly identified and easily investigated. AMIE Advanced also generates a monthly automated report so administrators can get an overview of the monthly performance of the entire system without logging into the dashboard.   
Avoid disruption from missing or lost devices, battery performance, and other complications with shared devices. 
  • Locating missing devices. See the status of all devices in the AMIE Advanced dashboard or receive automated alerts when a device goes missing and find the date, time, and location of the device’s last use. With a single click, view exactly where and when the device was last used on the floorplan of your facility, making it easy to track and locate devices. This feature is especially beneficial to quickly locate devices in large buildings with many floors, minimizing security risk and reducing replacement costs.  
  • Battery Management. Battery analytics are crucial to the management of shared devices to ensure workers are equipped with operational batteries that will last a full shift, so users can focus on the job at hand and not worry about stopping their work to charge a device or battery. Battery management provides visibility of battery health for individual batteries and allows administrators to alert users when a battery has reached the end of life, preventing it from being placed back into the charger and circulated among other mobile workers.  
Increase operational efficiency by optimizing device utilization across locations and departments 
  • Device Utilization Planning. View the percentage of utilized and unutilized devices by group or the entire enterprise. If a group is at max utilization, administrators can determine how to load balance and then re-deploy devices from one group to another, avoiding unnecessary costs. Device utilization also provides the metrics to verify ROI for your communication solution.   

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Easily identify application performance issues 
  • Which apps are consuming the most power? (Versity smartphones) Know exactly how much power is consumed by the top applications and answer questions like, “Is the battery at the end of useful life, or are certain applications draining batteries more quickly?”. This feature quickly identifies issues as either a faulty battery or heavy battery consumption from one or more applications.    
  • Software Updates and Device logging (Versity smartphones) SysUpdater is an easy-to-use web browser that hosts Versity smartphone software updates so administrators can easily manage them across large fleets of devices. Logging service centrally stores device log files for quick access when troubleshooting and debugging. 
  • Spectralink Application Management (Versity smartphones) AMIE reduces the complexity of device deployment and ongoing management by making it easy to configure Spectralink applications, like Push-To-Talk, BizPhone, SAFE, Barcode, Buttons, and more, at an enterprise, group, or device level.  The intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform simplifies deployment with features like batch configuration, streamlined extension sync, and copy configuration, so devices can be set up and in the hands of workers within minutes.  


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Wi-Fi Phones

AMIE Advanced for Wi-Fi is available on our Versity Smartphones and 84 series

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