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AMIE™ Essentials
for Wi-Fi

A web-based device management dashboard designed especially for IT and Telecommunications Administrators to oversee Spectralink Wi-Fi devices with fast deployment, centralized device administration, and Spectralink application management.

Deploying a new fleet of Wi-Fi devices can take weeks of valuable time. Configuring device settings, application settings, and assigning extensions individually is a tedious and repetitive task. What if you could manage deployments and more from one centralized tool? AMIE™ (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises) Essentials from Spectralink optimizes device management for the entire Spectralink device lifecycle, filling in the gaps of EMM/MDMs by enabling detailed control of device deployment through batch configuration, streamlined extension sync, and copy configuration. The user-friendly and intuitively designed dashboard gives IT and Telecommunications Administrators the control to configure Spectralink applications on a device, group, or enterprise level. For day-to-day management, the main dashboard provides an operational view of the entire fleet, and battery management provides visibility into the battery health of devices across the enterprise from one screen.  


  • Manage 1,000s of devices and batteries across an enterprise from one screen  
  • Optimize device provisioning  
  • Set up new replacement devices quickly by copying the configuration from the old device to the new one with a just a click
  • Configure Spectralink apps like Push-To-Talk, Buttons, SAFE, and BizPhone  

AMIE Essentials Solves IT Administrators’ Biggest Concerns: 


Monitor battery health and avoid disruption from depleted batteries 
  • Battery Management (Versity & 84 Series) Battery analytics are crucial to the management of shared devices to ensure workers are equipped with operational batteries that will last a full shift, so users can focus on the job at hand and not worry about stopping their work to charge a device or battery. Battery management provides visibility of battery health for individual batteries and allows administrators to alert users when a battery has reached the end of life, preventing it from being placed back into the charger and circulated among other mobile workers. 
Reduce the complexity of device deployment 
  • Spectralink Application Management (Versity smartphones)  Easily configure Spectralink applications, like Push-To-Talk, BizPhone, SAFE, Barcode, Buttons, and more, at an enterprise, group, or device level through the intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform. Spectralink Application Management simplifies deployment so devices can be set up and in the hands of workers within minutes. Spectralink utility apps (Device Settings, Logging, SysUpdater, VQO, Web API) previously included in the AMIE Essentials bundle are now pre-loaded onto Versity smartphones for all customers.   
  • Batch Configuration 
    Batch configuration allows administrators to configure Versity smartphone call server registration including call server IP address, extension, and username and password. EMMs require settings to be entered individually for each device, but batch configuration allows settings to be configured in batches at the enterprise, group, or user level from one screen. 
  • Streamlined Extension Sync 
    Entering SIP client extensions individually into an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) can take days of work, but with the Spectralink Application Management tool and the BizPhone SIP client, individual extensions for thousands of devices can be batch uploaded in seconds.  
  • Copy Configuration 
    Copy Configuration enables IT Administration to quickly set up replacement devices. With a few clicks, the configuration from the returned phone will copy onto the new replacement device. The new device can be put into circulation in minutes, reducing the downtime an out-of-service device can cause.  

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Simplify software updates and device troubleshooting  
  • Software Updates and Device logging (Versity smartphones) SysUpdater is an easy-to-use web browser that hosts Versity smartphone software updates so administrators can easily manage them across large fleets of devices. Logging service centrally stores device log files for quick access when troubleshooting and debugging. 


AMIE Essentials Datasheet


Wi-Fi Phones

AMIE Essentials for Wi-Fi is available on our Versity Smartphones and 84 series

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